As a player you control squadrons assigned to Omega Quadrant on the planet Sarin IV. You work for a mega-corporation of your choice. Your corporation must pay for you so it is up to you to earn your pay. Failure to do so will result in the transfer of your squadron from Sarin IV and the loss of all the perks this brings. You will be given a choice of missions to carry out although you need not undertake any. Each mission will reward you with a varying amount of sponsorship credit and stellar cash. Credit gives you access to new skills while stellars allow the purchase of new equipment for your squadron.

The role of space trooper squadrons is paramount to the continued success of the mega-corporation. It falls to them to actively guard corporate assets out in the field as well as put an end to alien incursions and rival operations. It is not all fighting though. Sometimes rescue missions are needed or officials need to be escorted to secret locations. Scouting patrols are common.


After many years of hostility, the great empires and countries of the Earth were finally conquered. Not by one nation, not even by an alien invasion force, but by the Mega-corporations. As each of these corporations had holdings spanning the entire globe, the threat of a nuclear holocaust became obsolete. Still hostilities between the various rivals remained as fierce as ever and skirmishes costing thousands of lives continued much as it had done under the rule of nations. With time humanity voyaged to the stars, fed on a desire to plunder new mineral resources and expand operations. Huge lumbering interstellar vessels were deployed to distant stars to chart new planets, discover strange life forms and minerals and invariably exploit the lot.

Sarin IV - Hercules Quadrant

This is a huge world on the very edge of humanity's explorations. It is significant for two reasons. It is the only known source of a mineral that can be used in interstellar drives. Unimaginatively it was termed Sarinite. This world was also the first time humanity had come into contact with aliens of a similar technological level as themselves.


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