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The aliens had been on Sarin IV for some time mining Sarinite. This mineral could be used in interstellar drives turning a year voyage into a month. When the corporations realised the significance of Sarinite, there was no choice; a full invasion had to be implemented. As no single corporation was sufficiently strong enough to defeat the aliens, a joint venture was launched. Nuclear weaponry was obviously a non-starter due to the disastrous effect it would have on the mineral so the space troopers were sent in. After a number of months of intensive fighting the aliens were vanquished and humanity's claim on the planet became absolute.

The Present
Five years down the line things have changed dramatically. It was found that the mineral was in dynamic flux with the crust so there is no telling where a deposit of Sarinite will be found next. This led to serious disputes among the conquering mega-corporations; disputes that unsurprisingly ended in firefights.

While all out attacks on Headquarters would only be possible through the unthinkable use of nuclear weapons, silos and mobile mines are considered valid targets. Added to this, the aliens have once again made their presence known, this time however they use covert installations backed up with serious firepower.

The Mega-Corporations

Universal Trade & Transport
UTT are one of the big three movers and shakers in the world of cargo haulage. They regularly commission the construction of ships in excess of eight kilometres in length capable of shifting billions of tonnes of cargo. It is hardly surprising that these lofty heights have only been achieved with a truly ruthless disposition. Sarinite is their lifeblood and they will crush anything and anyone that impedes their supply of the mineral.
Informal motto: "Truck that."

Frontier Technologies Limited
The company specialises in the construction of fast attack spacecraft. FTL have major shipyards throughout known space. Although supplying ships to other corporations they still maintain one of the largest standing fleets. They are not averse to using their fleet to undermine the competition in less than subtle ways.
Informal motto: "In hard and fast."

Inter Planetary Mining
IPM was the first corporation to realise the potential of the mineral and as such swiftly moved to consolidate their position. They were forced to bring in other corporations only after a desperate attempt to hold off the alien menace. They have a reputation for putting profits before indigenous life and are considered the black sheep of the mega-corporate family. To date they are responsible for the genocide of over half a dozen life-containing worlds.
Informal motto: "Strip-mining, better than sex."

Nexus Stock Incorporated
NSI builds nothing. They deal exclusively as middlemen and will trade absolutely anything from nuclear weaponry to trafficking pharmaceuticals. They have had a hand in addicting entire worlds to drugs then selling the nukes that destroyed them when they rebelled. They have recently turned their hands to the vastly profitable mineral Sarinite.
Informal motto: "Granny? Yeah, she's for sale."