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Turns are sent via email as a .pdf attachment. If you require postal turns, please contact us directly - (Please note if you do not live in the U.K. then overseas postal delivery will be charged).

When you sign up you will be put in a waiting list. When there are sufficient players you will be automatically sent a position update detailing your forces. Simply fill in the form below to sign up.

Please note that as this is an interactive game, by signing up, your address/email will be available to other players in this game. It will not however be passed on by KJC to other companies.

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New games start every 6-8 weeks, so you may have to wait a while before a new game starts. If you want to start quickly, you may be able to take on an unoccupied position in a currently running game. These positions are sometimes available when a player decides to stop playing the game before it is finished.  

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Warlord is a game that requires committed players.

It is a fixed time strategy game that starts everybody in a similar situation vying against his or her neighbours.

A committed player surrounded by sign-ups with no intention of playing will gain an unfair advantage in the opening weeks of the game. We are finding that this is spoiling the game for serious players.

We have a primary commitment to our serious players.

In a bid to stop people that just can't stop themselves from filling in forms from spoiling the game for others, we have had to impose a £4.00 sign-up fee.

If you already have an account with us just fill in your account number, otherwise click on the paypal payment image to credit us for £4.00 (do not forget to come back here to fill in your details).

This sign-up fee credits you for your first 3 turns.