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The Global Holocaust surprised no one. The meek inherited what was left, but didn't live long enough to appreciate it... leaving you to recreate the planet in your own image. But you're not the only megalomaniac around...
Five centuries ago Dexet was devastated by a global holocaust. It's about to happen again! Warlord is a game that uses 20th Century weaponry and a whole world to conquer or DESTROY.

Huge bunkers had been prepared to sustain life for the long centuries of nuclear winter and when the bombs started falling, the strong, the ruthless and the powerful took refuge.

Surface radiation has now dropped to 'acceptable' levels. It is time to reclaim the surface of the world.

Technological data has been scrambled by background radiation but rapid expansion will provide the resources needed to rediscover the lost knowledge.

Other bunkers have survived too but with a little persuasion you can probably come to some sort of agreement.

It's lucky you have all those tanks and aircraft in storage! With a bit of luck your technicians may even be able to figure out the atomic theory needed to make new bombs.

  • Rediscover lost technology.
  • Build new armies, aircraft and ships.
  • Multiple battles every turn.
  • Watch your troops die of radiation poisoning.
  • Conquer cities and territories to gain resources.
  • Detailed graphic maps every turn.
  • Two levels of alliance for joint operations.
  • International message system
  • Played weekly or every 10 days
  • Results by email (pdf file) or post

Warlord is a multi player wargame.

Powerful order formats and command structures enable you to control the resources of a growing military empire.

Warlord has many unique features. The maps generated each turn, often covering hundreds if not thousands of locations, take the hard work out of record keeping and make even the largest of empires easy to control.

Warlord is suited to people that like detailed wargames and tactical board games.



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