Phoenix Nexus News Sub Space Static: Volume 3. Issue 21.
Sub Space Static: Volume 3. Issue 21.

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Empire Strikes: Solo ***

A massive fleet of some 1600 warships, including large numbers of super-heavy capital 300 and 400 hullers, attacked the DEN in the Solo system, catching them with their metaphorical pants down. The DEN gate platform and some two hundred DEN freighters were subject to antimatter missiles amongst other high tech ordinance.

Jack the lad, Viceroy of the Empire, claimed a victory for freedom and the Imperial (right of) way leaving the sullen Dewiek unusually unresponsive.

With DOM platforms firing on CIA ships, will the IMP now demand the DOM add them to the Do Not Fire lists as well? And what exactly is the nature of the DOM and DEN alliance in light of the sustained attack from the Empire? And will the DEN’s alien friends stand idly by as the Empire fleet camps in the vital gate system of Solo? How will the DEN retaliate for this action or are they ready to roll over and have their bellies rubbed?

All this remains unknown. All that is certain is the “feel good” factor across the DTR has increased, with citizens reassured that for some time yet, they may continue in their slumber with the easy assurance that their number is not coming up anytime soon.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * New BHD Guy * DOM Statement * &etc

*** O Brother Where Art Tho? ***

The Brotherhood have a new Lord Inquistor, one Saul the Saintly, of the famous Dracolith family whom all remember with great fondness.

The new master of prayers in the wake of disaster has accrued an immediate fan following amongst aliens who were keen to ingratiate themselves with the new soul brother par excellence. Wolf calls, begging for trade access please master and general snivelling as befits the lesser species was heard across subspace.

*** Dominion Get Fresh Cushion for Fence Sitting ***

As Mercenaries run by the IMP applied tractoring force on their platform, the Dominion’s Wylde man took a minute to issue this statement:

"On 217.38.1 a large group of IMP/GTT/CIA ships, supported by some MRC, entered orbit of the Solo stargate and attacked DEN assets there. My gate platform opened fire in defence of the DEN.

"The platform engaged 4 CIA and 6 MRC ships and is believed to have destroyed them all, although the use of screening seems to have confused the combat telemetry and so nobody really knows. The MRC ships had been equipped with token tractor beams which they fired on the platform reportedly causing some rattling in cupboards in the process. An attempt to lodge process claims against MRC for the loss of a "Peripheries' Best Dad" mug was summarily denied by command staff when it became clear the mug had been left behind by a previous platform marine and in fact had already been partially broken before the day's battle.

"The Dominion position remains to defend our allies to the extent possible while intending to not get drawn into their ongoing conflict.”

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Don’t Forget About Roy ***

Bootlegger and easy speaker Roy has got more whiskey and hooch coming out of the Harmony breweries. A big hit with the Dewiek, whose rabid alcoholism may account for their rapid decline politically, tricksy Roy is looking to expand his clientele into higher class markets.

*** Senator Seeks Holy Watcher ***

Could the operator of BHD PLATFORM WATCHER OF NIENNA (62505) please contact Yahn Wodenzoon on an urgent matter.

He really, really needs to know the time.

*** Wanted: SSS Columnists ***

We’re looking for columnists to help the Editors with regular columns along particular themes, for example, tips for newbies or traders. If you’re interested please get in touch..

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