Phoenix Nexus News Subspace Static - Star Date 212.25.5 / 212.26.3 / 22011001101100011-SCREEEEEEEEEEEECH.
Subspace Static - Star Date 212.25.5 / 212.26.3 / 22011001101100011-SCREEEEEEEEEEEECH.

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Galaxy Torn Apart ***

Space and time continue to operate strangely throughout the known Peripheries as travellers report further distortions in the ISR fields of systems surrounding the newly appeared systems of Boltzman and Hirathamo.

Theorists are speculating that some sort of ‘ripple effect’ may have resulted in the observed temporal disturbances, which continue to baffle sentients throughout the universe as Mondays report as Thursdays, and Tuesdays drop off into an event horizon.

Meanwhile local news agencies are reporting increased incidents of wide-spread hysteria and panic relating to an epidemic of what appear to be night-terrors.

Elsewhere, within the newly appeared systems, we have received reports of DTR and Empire forces skirmishing with each other, as many other affiliations send exploration ships into these two new mysterious systems.

*** Faery ***

Empire forces continue their mopping up operation in the Faery system, with reported ground assaults against the DTR outpost Gold Mine where a force of approximately 35,000 Empire troops are attacking DTR defenders that number no more than a thousand.

It is expected that Gold Mine will fall sooner rather than later.

*** Faery ***

The second of the two DTR platforms in orbit of Elf has fallen to Empire forces, leaving both platforms now in Empire hands.

Details of the conflict are unclear, and it appears the Empire sent in various waves of different ground assault parties, eventually capturing the platform, with moderate casualties.

The failure of the DTR to hold onto the planet Elf, the platforms, and indeed the entire system of Faery, marks the most significant single defeat for any affiliation in recent history. With the possible exception of the kicking the Felini have been receiving.

*** DTR News ***

As reported last week, security at the DTR capitol of New Tate has been under total lock down. This situation has continued this week, with absolutely no news coming in or out of the Detinus Senate.

The only Senator who has even been seen in public is the mercurial and beautiful Senator Sylvansight, who has made brief statements to the press seeking to recruit new bodies to the Detinus Senate.

We understand Senator Sylvansight herself recently survived what sources are describing as a serious incident, where the ship she was travelling on broke apart in deep space, and she had to be rescued from the wreckage by an emergency team.

There has been no comment as to what might have caused the destruction of her ship, but there are unconfirmed reports of a massive explosion, and rumours of sabotage.

All of which comes on the heels of the mysterious disappearance of Senator Garibaldi from the DTR, who vanished amidst a serious security concern. There has been extensive speculation linking these two events.

*** Dewiek News ***

The Dewiek Wolf Mother Adoqhina has reportedly died this week, opening up a power vacuum at the top of the Dewiek pack structure.

Early reports are that Magnus The Red, previously known as The Butcher Of Janth, has risen to primacy amongst the DEN, and now leads the affiliation.

What direction the DEN will take under new leadership is unclear, though we have received reports that they have cancelled a number of treaties with the DTR, and have made extensive demands of the Detinus Senate. Demands which given the apparent disappearance of the Detinus Senate, we can only assume have yet to be met.

Breaking News: We have received the following transmission from the heart of the Dewiek government detailing these events.

While the masons work on the construction of the Assembly Adoqhina
along with the Falconian Elder Armand greet the human representative
of the Empire - Githyanki (ignoring the questions as to why he is here
rather than in the thick of the battle with the DTR).

Suffice to say, part of the ceremony opening the Assembly is to
present to Githyanki two Empathic Projectors - one for himself and one
for the Emperor (who is also not in the thick of the conflict with the
DTR - sad little humans).
Following this they are escorted to a chamber where they can watch
Adoqhina's final session.

After welcoming and calling the session to order Adoqhina directs the
assembly to the images of the great assault on the Felini and the
glorious battles and victories and the final routing of the cowards
until no further glory and honour could be claimed.

Her final address consists of little more than:

'Hear my mind, my cubs. Never forget: We are one people and on the end
of days, we will be triumphant. My own end and your future

Shortly after Adoqhina completes her short speech on the war on the
Felini Tyranny, Magnus strides across the floor. Heads turn and an
empathic babble fills the halls though the only sound is his bare feet
on the cool stone.

Stepping onto the dais in front of Adoqhina he stares down with
contempt, a look she returns with resigned acceptance. His hand
reaches out swiftly, ripping her head clean off her shoulders. Holding

Leaping from the podium Magnus lands in the middle of the elders -
those that given time would no doubt whine behind closed doors and
seek to drag him down with their miseries need to die now. Filitairn,
jaws slack, is ripped from groin to chest and his innards pulled out -
let him bitch about that while he bleeds to death. Lucian has his
throat ripped out while Skugga and Soranus eventually go down with
many claw wounds.

Magnus himself does not come out unharmed and will always walk with a
slight limp and missing one eye.

The assembly however applaud this return to the days of glory!

Following the rending of the elders, Magnus rounds on Githyanki - puny
human, hiding from his war on the other side of the galaxy with his
toy gun and pretty clothes. There would be no glory in ripping him
limb from limb. If humans cannot fight, maybe they can drink?

Barrels are brought in and flagons the size of Githyanki's head are filled.

Maybe Githyanki has had some sort of cyber enhancement as for longer
than even Magnus would have thought possible he matches the huge
dewiek swallow for swallow.

A day or so later Githyanki awakes in his bunk feeling pretty good
actually - though this may be due to the various drips he has attached
to him. He is told that his personal armour was able to detoxify quite
a lot of the alcohol though even that was eventually overloaded.

Reporters here at the SSS Inter-Galactic News-room are jolly glad none of us were covering this story, as it sounds as if foreign news reporters might have gone the way of the Verulean Dodo had they been there.

*** Straddle ***

GTT scout ships have begun visiting the Boomerang defense platforms once again this week, with the DTR governor reporting the destruction of the GTT ship Flea.

However, broadcasts out of the Straddle system are currently very broken up and distorted with strange sub-space static, so for all we know the governor of the DTR Starbase on the planet might have been requesting more tea and biscuits.

*** Faery ***

Empire patrol forces have intercepted and destroyed a small group of stranded heavily damaged DTR warships in beta 2 of the Faery system.

Three Nebulon Defender class warships were destroyed as they were engaged with superior Empire forces, despite their captains and crew knowing that their vessels were on the verge of falling apart, they knowingly bought time with their sacrifice for a small collection of DTR freighters to scatter and make a run for it.

*** GTT ***

The GTT have appointed a new Trade Director, with the sentient known as Charles Cados taking over from… whoever held the post beforehand.

***** Honest Jim's Market News *****

The last few weeks have seen some major shockwaves in the trading world. Most importantly, obviously, the absence of your humble correspondent. The pressure on the SSS postal system has been so immense that not one of the doubtless thousands of letters begging for my return has got through to me yet.

Almost as significant, the rearrangement of space as we have known it. Straddle has been somehow relocated to the Cluster, leaving cries of anguish from inconvenienced traders in its wake. It is too early to predict the effect on commerce, even for an expert such as myself, but traders are advised that jump times in the vicinity may be extended.

The announced closure of DTR Retreat in Solo also sent shockwaves through the trading world, but has yet to fully take effect, and a number of profitable trades are still available at the time of going to press. In particular, there are a number of items currently for sale that can be sold for a profit at the Mohache’s Arctic Light in Enigma - Climbing Plants, Dune Glider Eggs, Crystalline Ornaments, Eridani Lobster, Feather Scale Clothing and Moss Jasmine. As ever, please check the latest market update before travelling.

Felini markets at undisclosed locations continue to have a number of good deals - for example the Transpiral good Colmseranite being sold at famous Tentative Steps in the Halo periphery. If the Dewiek’s mysterious new leader Magnus the Red turns out to be a peaceful trader he may be well-placed to make some stellars.

AFT Ariel in Solo is buying up a quantity of Jammers at a good price, and AFT Dark Angel in Yank is buying shields at a similarly competitive price. Anybody with some spare basic production nearby - or passing by MOH Jackson’s Legacy in Ruin - may be able to make some easy stellars.

Finally, Honest Jim’s favourite “technically profitable but least advisable” trade route of the week is Colmseran Whelks - a perishable trade good - from MOH Green Pastures in the Transpiral all the way to AFT Qalathar in the Inner Empire. Good luck!

***** Message From The Editor *****

The Editor apologises for the delayed appearance of this issue. Blame space-time. Or possibly just that The Editor is still spending far too much time in hospitals lately.

The Editor.