Phoenix Nexus News Subspace Static - Star Date Oh God, what's happened to temporal physics?!!
Subspace Static - Star Date Oh God, what's happened to temporal physics?!!

Subspace Static - Star Date Oh God, what's happened to temporal physics?!!

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Galaxy Torn Apart ***

Time and space across the Peripheries are reeling at time of press, as
massive fluctuations are being reported across virtually all known systems.

The source of the temporal and spatial disruption appears to have been the Straddle system, which momentarily vanished from known space, before mysteriously re-appearing in the Cluster periphery.

Meanwhile two entirely new systems have appeared, Boltzman, in place of Straddle, and Hirathamo, just off Storm.

Quite what agency could be responsible for dislocating one system, and creating two new ones, is unknown, although our news-room has received reports that many affiliations are accusing the DTR of firing some sort of super weapon.

When contacted for a comment, the normally friendly DTR authorities told our reporters to leave at once, as the Detinus Republic appears to be under some sort of unrelated high security lock-down following some sort of ‘incident’ at their Senate building at the Capitol, New Tate.

Meanwhile, rumours are flying of dread UNKnown alien battlefleets that may have broken through into our reality via these two new systems, and travellers are warned to exercise extreme caution when visiting Boltzman and Hirathamo.

Further rumours are spreading that these same UNK aliens may be on the verge of launching a massive invasion fleet.

*** Battle Of Fellowship ***

Things continue to go from bad to, oh god we’re being eaten alive by crazed Dewiek psychopaths, for the Felini as the battle for Fellowship continues.

According to reports all organised resistance on the planet has more or less ceased, with the Felini hunkering down in their few remaining defended positions listening to distant explosions as rampaging Dewiek forces set about blowing up everything they can find.

Furthermore, our newsroom has received the following troubling broadcast. Viewers of a sensitive nature may wish to look away now.

Special Action/Captured Felini Base/Hunt the Felini
Before indulging in a feast of prize cattle the dewiek enjoy hours of
hunting released felini prisoners. They are released in small groups
and though it is certain that many evade the hunters and flee the
base, the majority are ripped limb from limb by the blood crazed pack.
This is a good day to be a dewiek.
Tales of the slaughter carried by escapees is substantiated by live
footage broadcast to the population at large.
It is only afterwards that it is confirmed that the Felini mercs have
abandoned the base and the Felini employees have to be detained

The DEN authorities have posted notice that a shipping exclusion zone is in force, and all traders should check that they won’t be brutally eviscerated if they turn up. The AFT have drawn particular criticism as two AFT freighters have been destroyed whilst attempting to leave orbit of the planet and flee the battle location.

The Dewiek have responded with customary Dewiek nature and issued a formal warning to the AFT.

*** Battle Of Faery ***

From the Office of the Patrol Commissioner..........

On behalf of Bratislav Zigic................

A DTR strikeforce of 30 Capital ships, and 24 Destroyers attacks a HLQ platform in orbit of Rhea, Titan. This follows several similar raids by Detinus forces in the system which had prompted responses from Empire Cruiser Squadrons.

A GTT Destroyer squadron of 20 ships and a single IMP Cruiser are dispatched to Rhea to provide support to the HLQ platform. The crews of the ships are horrified to see the main DTR battle fleet of some 993 ships lying in wait in the Quad. All Allied ships are lost in short order in the trap.

The news though presents the Allied Command with an opportunity. A Ground Assault had already been meticulously planned to assault DTR Sapphires Nest on Elf in the Faery System – a starbase deep within Detinus space. Until now the Allies had mostly restricted themselves to conflict in space claimed by the Imperial Services, but had planned to open a new front. Upon hearing of the position of the DTR fleet, the Commander-in-chief of the ground forces stated his case to bring the ground assault forward to the Allied Command.

With the main Detinus fleet in Titan, and with the ground assault equipment in strike range of Faery, it was agreed that the Ground Assault should be brought forward five days in the knowledge that it would take between 3-5 days for a large proportion of the DTR Armada to reach the conflict zone. This was a was risky gambit though – the Allied fleets were split between a force moving from Imperial space and a force moving from Confederate space. The original plan had been for the Navies to combine to prior to staging the assault in order to provide cover for the ground forces. For the initial ground assault, there would be limited Naval support.

Another concern was that a DTR spy ship was blown up in orbit over IMP Tuzanor, the latest in a line of these spies. The DTR had shown a lot of interest in the system, and with the massed fleet, and several factions within the DTR with a Hive heritage and public claims of the system as their ancestral home, it raised the question: were the DTR about to stage a ground assault of their own?

After some deliberation the go was given, and Naval forces were instructed to make haste for Faery. Tuzanor was instructed to batten down the hatches and the message was sent out to Allied raiding parties to step up their harassing attacks.

Massed freighters ship thousands of troops from their staging point to Elf. Despite some losses in transit, Allied Ground Forces quickly formed up, establishing a beach head and then make good progress against the stunned defending forces. The Allied force is lead up by Jones Marauders, the unit that had wrestled Hidden Abyss from the DTR, in his first report from the frontlines the commander reports successfully establishing 24% control of the base.

In the Quad a squadron of 26 IMP ships, plus 6 supporting HLQ ships begin to attempt to disrupt DTR reinforcements to the base, blowing up 3 freighters. The next 24 Hours are a nervous affair for these intrepid Captains as it is uncertain whether the DTR have Naval forces in the vicinity. The crew are emboldened though at the progress being on the ground. A call to arms is sent to the Confederate Navy to provide support.

In Titan, HLQ scouts confirm that the DTR Armada have held their ground. It is five jumps between Titan and Faery, the race to Elf begins.

The DTR armada begins to move from Titan. Scans from IMP scouts suggest some of the fleet have passed through Acropolis, whilst other scouts suggest movement of other elements within Titan. It is unclear whether these ships - which includes the DTR's 200 hull Capital ships - have moved out of the system at this point. The exact disposition of these two forces is also unknown, and furthermore it is unclear as to whether the DTR Armada has split into just two or more fleets.

On Elf, more troops are poured into the conflict by both sides. Jones Marauders report that troop ships successfully evacuate the scene. A number of DTR veterans help slow down Empire progress - helping to wipe out a fresh arrival of 1800 light tanks - but Allied forces push on steadily clawing territory in tough complex to complex fighting and establishing more than 50% control of the base.

Meanwhile, Operatives in DTR Sapphires Nest close down hiport complexes in an attempt to hinder resupplying the base.

In the outer rings of Faery a further Confederate force engages DTR freighters, destroying two DTR troop transports. Whilst the news that more DTR troops have been prevented from reaching the battle on Elf is welcomed by the grunts on the deck, the DTR are now alerted to the CNF taking an active role in the mission.

A further 380 ships of the Confederate Navy arrive at D12 Faery. In Space no one can hear you scream, but a loud cheer is made by the IMP/HLQ advance screen stationed there.

Rapid response elements of the DTR fleet make it to Faery. Some 523 ships cross paths with a Confederate force of just 55 ships in D13, reducing 11 ships to debris and badly denting many more.

A further 78 DTR ships are spotted in D15 of Faery. Intelligence confirms that these two forces were part of the Detinus armada. There is grudging admiration for the DTR's ability to move so many ships that distance in such a short time.

In T.Tauri a GTT Heavy Cruiser raiding squadron of 11 ships run into DTR squadron of 32 ships suffering heavy casualties of 5 ships.

The presence of the remainder of the DTR Armada – which includes a number of 200 heavy hulled ships – remains a mystery until an Imperial Cruiser manages to report running into 488 ships in the Arachnid system before being vaporised. This news establishes that the Armada broke up into 2 fleets, a fast response force that is now in Faery and the main task force of Capital ships in Arachnid.

In Badlands a DTR freighter is intercepted and destroyed by CNF forces.

On Elf, the ground assault continues to lose momentum as DTR reinforcements continue to be squeezed through the blockade. Heavy casualties are reported and there are serious concerns that the gambit has failed. However, the thought of giving up the assault at this stage - at the cost of so many - is found abhorrent and the ground forces are told to press on, whilst as many reinforcements as can be gotten hold of are rushed to the front.

In the first 2-3 days of the conflict approximately 50 DTR Freighters have been destroyed as part of the blockade and whilst docked at Sapphires Nest.

In Wanderer, an Imperial Scout investigates a DTR outpost in G13. This appears to be a deep space recreation complex and is assumed to have been the staging point of the DTR Armada before setting the trap in Titan.

An Imperial Cruiser, part of a Cruiser Squadron attempting to track the DTR armada in Arachnid runs into a Detinus spotter platform at D13. The Captain decides to attack but in doing so alerts the Republic of his presence.

A second Imperial Cruiser jumps directly onto the DTR main fleet, and whilst quickly vaporized reveals that this fleet are still 3 jumps from Faery. Hopes are raised that pickets may be able to be put in place in T.Tauri to further slow down progress.

The bulk of the Imperial fleet arrives at D12 Faery linking up with the Confederate forces already in place. Jump Engines are allowed to cool off whilst DTR freighters continue to be attacked to prevent them re-supplying the base.

The two DTR forces in Faery form up at D15.

On Elf, the DTR rename Sapphires Nest as Helms Deep, but the move is in vain as Allied Ground Forces seize control of the base. Seeing how the tide has turned a number of Elf militia quickly swear allegiance to the Emperor and turn on DTR forces. Messages of congratulations are sent across the subspace to Jones Marauders.

Consideration is given to attempt to engage the DTR fleet at D15 the next day, but in the end the command council opt to continue to attempt to prevent DTR supplies from reaching Elf.

In Wanderer, the Imperial Scout docks with the DTR recreation complex spotted the previous days. Troops overwhelm the unprotected employees on board and have a spell of R&R like no other. The ship later undocks with 3275 guilders purloined from the facility, and having daubed Long Live the Empire at every opportunity. The 10 employees remain unharmed, albeit bound and gagged....the Captain of the Scout has a pang of concern that DTR forces will neglect to rescue them, but then decides that this way the employee's should be thankful that the option to just atomise the outpost was not taken.

The Cruiser at D13 Arachnid is attacked by a squad of 6 DTR light forces. Other members of the Cruiser Squadron make no observations of the main DTR fleet, though a couple of other ships are observed. Furthermore, pickets were just out of range to reach key locations - contact with the main DTR fleet has been lost.

In Faery the DTR fleet at D15 moves to D13. Questions are raised as to whether an opportunity to catch half of the DTR fleet may have been missed. The Allied fleet though have maintained a stranglehold on Elf.

On the surface, Allied forces continue to improve control on the base. Attempts to board DTR freighters docked at the starport are made, though - with a couple of exceptions - mostly fail.

5 CNF and 28 GTT Raiders intercept and destroy 2 DTR freighters in D12 Badlands, one of which is a Troop transport

Meanwhile there are rumours of strange goings on in Straddle and the appearance of new Systems filtering through. For most though they remain rumours and the focus remains firmly on the job at hand.

As the Allied Command try to establish the location of the missing Detinus fleet, GTT Scouts report the sighting of several ships. Their location is Badlands G13.

The main DTR fleet are just one jump from Faery.

Crews are informed to prepare themselves for the battle of our times.

The DTR engage the Allied fleet at D12 of Faery.

In total the DTR field 1027 ships, though a large proportion of them are 50 hulled. The Allied presence is 985 ships (54 HLQ, 180 IMP, 195 GTT, 57 CIA, 79 FET and 420 CNF) though, whilst having fewer ships, the Empire forces command more Capital Ships and hold a 50% advantage in number of hulls. For most Imperial Servicemen, this is the first time they’ve been in a major fleet battle with the DTR where they enjoy local superiority. Many Confederate servicemen go into the battle fighting against those whom they once fought alongside. United under the same Emperor, it is time to make new blood oaths.

A number of the DTR ships retreat as soon as contact is made, which further adds to the advantage the Allied forces hold – especially as many of the ships are the 200 hull Liberators.

There is no time to chase them though as there are still plenty of DTR ships in the battle.

At the end of the days battle, some 15 DTR ships have been blown up and a further 57 suffer an Integrity Breakdown. This comes at a cost of 8 Allied ships, 2 from each of the CNF, CIA, GTT and FET. Of particular note the Allies destroy 11 150 NH Annihilator Class Carriers which had provided mass Space Interceptor screens, though the DTR still have a further 29 active. The DTR also suffer heavy losses to their 50 hulled cruisers and destroyers and 5 100 heavy hulled ships.

Allied losses are seven 100, and one 150 heavy hulled ships which all took heavy damage after being singled out by missile wielding Liberators.

Unluckiest ship of the day is the DTR Corsair 9-6 (47554) which falls apart after a critical hit to the Engines at just 34.1% hull damage. Meanwhile the damage control crews work overtime on the DTR Carrier (81219) as the ship makes awful creaking noises at 73% hull damage.

On Elf, the Allied force tightens its its grip on Helms Deep, wiping out the remaining Detinus defence force.

In G12 a lone CNF warship prevents a lone DTR warship from joining the conflict at D12, and the two go toe to toe. The DTR ship probably wins the round on points, but both vessels remain barely scratched.

In Arachnid, having lost contact with the main fleet, 4 ships move to D13 to engage the DTR force there, however the DTR similarly increase their numbers to 10 – albeit some of the ships are of a support function. The original IMP cruiser breaks up as it is caught trying to evacuate.

Day 2 of the Naval battle sees a few Allied reinforcements filter through to increase the presence to 1000 ships. The DTR field 771 ships including 12 reinforcements.

The advantage remains with the Empire, but they suffer 22 losses whilst inflicting 53 losses on the Republic. It is noted though that a further 57 DTR ships are heavily damaged (30%+ hull integrity) and 39 moderately damaged (20-30%), whilst the numbers are 22 and 33 respectively for the Allied forces.

In the two battles at Faery D12 combined hull losses stand at
DTR 125 ships of which 5400HH, 3475 NH, 525LH
Allies 30 ships totalling 4000HH

Though it is suspected that several more DTR vessels may have suffered Integrity Breakdown when leaving combat with a number of Captain's reporting firing on ships leaving the scene.

Luckiest ship of the day is Musket S6 (77412), which manages to survive at 70% Hull damage, meanwhile the CIA Golem takes a critical hit at just 7.2% at the hands of the DTR Term 2…the Gunnery Control Officer is nicknamed "Sniper".

On Elf, Empire Ground Forces press their campaign and start to assault the second largest DTR base on the planet - Ruby's Nest. Initial reports are positive.

In Arachnid, the tide turns further against the Imperial Cruiser Squadron which - whilst reinforced by 7 more ships, sees a further 12 DTR ships join the skirmish. This includes 11 Liberators. Severely outgunned, another Cruiser is lost and a several ships are heavily damaged.

Jones Marauders joins up and take direct command of the ground assault forces on Ruby’s Nest, which in turn starts an artillery barrage against Helms Deep. Further inroads are made, though it is evident that some DTR freight is still getting through.

In the Orbital Quad, the space battle rages for a third day. DTR ship numbers amount to 732 ships, whilst the Allied fleet is down to 953 ships as some vessels move out to replenish supplies. The DTR suffer 12 ships blown up outright and a further 75 ships suffer an Integrity Breakdown. However, the Empire losses are 5 blown up and 44 ships suffering Integrity Breakdown.

49 of the DTR losses are 50 hulled ships, so whilst the ship losses are approximately 2:1 in the Empire favour, the difference in hulls lost is not so great.

Unluckiest ship of the day is DTR Musket 10, which suffers an integrity breakdown at 24.7% hull damage after critical damage to the magazine. Luckiest ship is DTR Musket (59562) which the Captain manages to hold together with emergency supplies of gaffer tape at 73% hull damage.

In T.Tauri D13, an IMP fleet heading towards Faery runs across a light DTR squadron of 5 warships and 6 freighters. The DTR warships fight valiantly to give some of the freighters – including a troop transport – an opportunity to escape. All 5 DTR ships are blown up, and whilst three freighters manage to escape the other three are not so lucky.

In Arachnid, the IMP Cruiser squadron withdraws in the face of overwhelming odds though not before another ship breaks up

*** Battle Of Faery Update ***

Our news-room has learnt that a second large DTR Starbase on the planet Elf has been captured in very short order by Imperial ground forces, amidst wild rumours of a total collapse in the DTR defence forces.

Meanwhile the IMP have also captured one of the two 2000 hulled DTR platforms in orbit, with the second expected to fall within the day, leaving the IMP in uncontested control of the planet Elf, and no doubt about to take the system claim too.

And in the space quadrant, the massed fleet battle continues, with heavy loses on both sides.

Numbers released by the DTR seem to indicate that losses throughout the space battle have been roughly even, with Empire forces taking roughly the same loss in hulls as the DTR, though no doubt both sides will disagree on the precise details.

The difficulty of sorting out exactly what happens in such a large space battle is, as readers might understand, extreme.

*** Ulian Stellar Nation Press Release ***

While the attention of the Great Leader, may his magnificence never be diminished, is on matters of greater import; I, Krumong Mok, unworthy agent of his will, have been granted the unpleasant duty of dealing with external... elements while they persist in their nefarious activities, to whit: continuing to exist.

All such communication should be passed via private communication channel. These communications will probably be ignored. However, In exceptional circumstances, I may choose to bring the matter to the attention of the all-knowing great Leader, in the unlikely event that it proves a matter worthy of his concern.

The Glorious Nation also gives warning that the recent rearrangement to the 'navigational curcumstances' in nearby areas of space known as the 'Outer Ulian Periphery' is due to our ongoing project, of greater power and significance than other puny races have yet undertaken, which goes under the title of 'Stellar Obfuscation - Ulian'. When this project reaches it's inevitable conclusion it will no longer be necessary to deal with inferior races at all, and we can inhabit a less contaminated environment.

Until this glorious day, the Glorious Nation would like to establish relations with like-minded races with a similar outlook and aspirations to ourselves. To this end, would representatives of the... 'Terran Colony Annihilators'... 'The Architects'... and... 'The Wimbles'... please contact me on a private communications channel.

That is all... except one final point. Be wary... do not attack us. We have NUCLEAR WEAPONS!. The thousands of years of our never-ending civilization (II) shows we are not afraid to use them. Even in close-quarter urban warfare.

****** ENDS ******

*** Strontium Dogs Taken Over ***

The shady mercenary company The Strontium Dogs appears to have been taken over by elements of the Terran Acquisition Group, as detailed in the following press release:

The TAG is back. Disregard the barking of the Strontium Dogs. We have put them back in their kennels. Look for a change in our advertising. Good deals at Casino Rlo. Dad sold off everything he could get his hands on, but I, Senior Illegitimate Offpsring, Vil Krieger, kept some things for the day when Dad would go out in a blaze of Robotic Pleasure Sheep Glory. Come to Casino Rlo, see the frozen head of Rlo Krieger, currently displayed and visible for a mere 1 stellar pittance. We would show you his body as well, but we're still trying to separate all the parts, we can't always tell the Sheep from the man.

If you are targeting Strontium Dogs. Stop. We are peaceful traders. We come in peace. To trade.

Senior Illegitimate Offspring #1
Trade Acquistion Group.

*** Pirate Destroyed ***


On stardate 212.19.5 Battlegroup Hera intercepted a pirate support vessel in Delta 13, Francoise. The pirate vessel was engaged by the RVND Crucifixion M05 commanded by Brother Captain Greenfield. One attack run was sufficient to destroy the target.


---------------------------------Battle Summary---------------------------------

PIRATE Support 219 (41016) - Ship
Barge Class Freighter {No Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%
BHD RVND Crucifixion M05 (71980) - Ship
Crucifixion Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 60.0
Retreated from battle
BHD RVND Crucifixion M01 (20594) - Ship
Crucifixion Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 59.8
Retreated from battle
BHD RVND Crucifixion M02 (29448) - Ship
Crucifixion Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 60.0
Retreated from battle
BHD RVND Crucifixion M03 (34374) - Ship
Crucifixion Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 60.0
Retreated from battle
BHD RVND Crucifixion M04 (42857) - Ship
Crucifixion Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 60.0
Retreated from battle
BHD RVND Crucifixion M06 (88180) - Ship
Crucifixion Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 60.0
Retreated from battle
BHD RVND Crucifixion M07 (89063) - Ship
Crucifixion Class Heavy Cruiser {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 60.0
Retreated from battle

*** Pirates ***

It has been oddly quiet on the piracy front throughout the peripheries these last few weeks, prompting speculation that the dread pirate Morgan may have retired…

***** Message From The Editor *****

The Editor is indebted to Zigic for providing a compelling and detailed account of the Faery conflict.

The Editor.