Phoenix Nexus News Subspace Static - Star Date 212.16.5
Subspace Static - Star Date 212.16.5

Subspace Static - Star Date 212.16.5

***** Inter Galactic News - Hive Mind Special *****

*** Staff Changes ***

It is our sad duty to report the death of last weeks guest editor Fist Smash of the Krell. There are unconfirmed reports that due to his unmasking his location on Inversion during the broadcast of last weeks edition, a Krell hunter-killer team was able to triangulate the position of his bunker and deliver a fatal overdose of screaming napalm death.

With great tragedy however comes great opportunity, and we have been scared shitless really really happy this week to welcome our new guest editor, Zzkkxx from the insectoid Hive, bringing his her its unique take on this weeks news.

*** Straddle ***

Sentient fleshthings, the hivebrood mother sends greetings to newstalk of the Peripheries. Many brains soft and squishing think hard of future under chitinous horde. Straddle system home to many sentients, make very good brood home, GTT board agree, send more small scout ships to firey death. Sacrifice for the good of the many is proud duty.


A concern of the short-lived mammals, abandon hope mammals, embrace the hard-iron-skin future of the Hive.

Be reborn in us.

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*** DTR News ***

Detinus Republic hivemind.


Hive like in their efficiency-responses. DTR have response to IMP complaint of DTR attacking their outpost in Detinus system.

Alarms sound throughout the scout ship
"Captain, We have scans coming in of an Imperial outpost"
"Cheeky bastards, daring to establish an outpost in Detinus. Ensign Pulver, Take us in, I want a closer look."
The ship lands near the Imperial outpost and a scout team move in for a closer look.
"Sir, it appears to be a false alarm. There's no one here. Its just an abandoned Outpost".
Captain Kruse muteers, "I don't like it. I smell a trap"
"No, sir, its abandoned, absolutely nothing else here. One complex."
"Very well Ensign, take posession of the outpost and we'll clean up the mess the Imperial have left behind".
The outpost is reflagged and the ship departs.

Later, The Imperials issue a press release "DTR spread conflict to the Inner Empire".

Captain Kruse chuckles in disbelief. "I knew it was a trap. The Imperials set up an illegal outpost in Detinus, a system sacred to the DTR. They don't even staff it and then when we clean up the mess they've left behind, they claim the DTR is spreading the conflict? Whatever they're smoking, it must have a hell of a trade value. Send the vid record of the outpost from detection to conversion to the local media outlets. Even the anti-DTR news rags should have a field day with this one. They're making themselves look like a bunch of clowns if they call this 'conflict'. Let everyone see how the Imperial propaganda machine operates."
He shakes his head again.
"What a bunch of Morons"

*** DTR News ***

The many-as-one of the Republic offer much news to Zzkkxx, GTT warship Hypothetical Problem destroys DTR freighter in Venice system. War being brought again to very home system of DTR, threatened with annihilation, Zzkkxx ponders with Hive Queen how DTR responds to being backed into corner.


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*** IMP Press Release ***

From the office of the Patrol Commissioner..............

DTR Forces implicated in Non humanitarian activity

On top of their recent implications regarding setting their own laws in your own systems, further evidence is gathered at the De-humanising effect the DTR are having. Following on from the Titan battles, IMP and allied facilities picked up survivors and found that DTR naval captains are named after the registration number of the ship they controlled. The names were found to be tatooed on their person, and is another worrying step the DTR are taking in forcing their control on all of us.

1 98987 {DTR Prisoner}
1 48286 {DTR Prisoner}

Another Adamski Outpost destroyed.

Allied forces have located another DTR outpost in Adamski and the customery gift exchange occured. The free artillery shell offer will continue for a few months whilst these small facilties are dug out.

Broadcast ends.............

*** HLQ ***

The House liQuan.


Inferiority to Hive.


Expanded market at Persepolis in Halo Periphery.

*** True One Revealed ***

Brotherhood known to be in error, face of True One revealed now to Peripheries.


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Be With Us.

*** Treaty Broken ***

The alliance between the DTR and CNF has been broken this week, many human years long this alliance stood.


Such close friends, now CNF betrayal breaks paper.
Brothers will slaughter brothers in great number.
Viceroy rejoices.

*** Pirates ***

Pirate raiders have attacked HLQ in Halo, bringing death to outpost from orbit. Pirates appear to be same group that tangled with DTR some time ago, implicating Gronk and the DOG.



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*** Titan ***

Conflict in Titan system as DTR launch raid in force against IMP and FET platforms.



IMP and FET platforms destroyed, but strong IMP/HLQ/CIA battlefleet corner and destroy DTR raiders.

Honours even at end of day.

*** Child ***

The HLQ have launched an attack against the DTR in the Child system, destroying two freighters and damaging third. Skirmish ensues, both sides escape.

*** DTR Raid ***

DTR raiders have bombarded and largely destroyed the FET outpost PSY 001:

FET PSY 001 (8050) - Outpost
Targeted by DTR Euryalus (23674) - 3520 [3520] Damage
Targeted by DTR Naiad (32727) - 2590 [2200] Damage
Targeted by DTR Shannon (89610) - 2200 [2200] Damage
Targeted by DTR Boadicea (41089) - 5139 [5139] Damage
Targeted by DTR Guerriere (41125) - 6168 [6168] Damage
Targeted by DTR Amazon (62738) - 6256 [5962] Damage
Targeted by DTR Nymphe (52153) - 5962 [5962] Damage
Targeted by DTR Greyhound (99015) - 7285 [6990] Damage
Targeted by DTR Juno (84883) - 2590 [2200] Damage
Targeted by DTR Amphion (45355) - 4330 [3920] Damage

*** FCN/DEN Press Release ***

As a decisive reaction to continuing Felini provocations against the House Magpie base on fellowship, where a tank column now adds to the daily bombardment, a fleet was sent to destroy the 580hull platform in the orbital quad.

A scouting ship gathered details of the platform and identified its lack of defensive weaponry. On 212.16.2 a squadron of missile cruisers attacked the platform. The platform was initially unresponsive and then targetted the 60NH Hawk class cruiser OM Juust which was destroyed with all hands.

On the second day a squadron sent to protect the flimsy cruisers were delayed to battle a gunship in a nearby quad while the cruisers continued to target the platform which was now a 400hull hulk. An assortment of FEL warships were sent into the quad to defend the platform. Fighters from the 150NH FEL carrier Shield of Mawet were able to target and destroy another 60NH Hawk class Cruiser OM Horatio Magpie. At the end of the day the platform had been destroyed as had a foolhardy gunboat:

FEL Insignificance incarnate (63851) - Platform
Armour: 1.3
FEL T'Gii Couraz (88577) - Ship
Cheetah Defender Class Gun Boat {Heavy Armour}
Armour: 73.3
Hull Damage: 100.0%

In another quad of the system a boarding vessel was able to capture another FEL platform.

The third day saw a large force of DEN warships deploy to the quad. Six FEL vessels were destroyed and another badly damaged.

FEL MS Shield of Mawet (66345) - Ship
Jaguar Leap Mk Ii Class Carrier {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 19.6 Scints: 14.9 Shields: 0(0.0)
Hull Damage: 100.0%
Attacking DEN WP7M Bergthor (31043) - 545 [1075] Damage
FEL MCP Need Officer (15370) - Ship
Raider Class Scout {Heavy Ablative Armour}
Armour: 90.7
Hull Damage: 100.0%
FEL MCP Need Officer (24513) - Ship
Raider Class Scout {Heavy Ablative Armour}
Armour: 55.4
Hull Damage: 62.8%
Retreated from battle
FEL SF Divine Wind (72182) - Ship
Sabre Tooth Pounce Class Capital Ship {Heavy Armour}
Armour: 46.7
Hull Damage: 100.0%
FEL Village Green (30480) - Ship
Jaguar Pounce Mk Ii Class Capital Ship {Medium Ablative Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%
FEL White Snake (69193) - Ship
Lioness - Stalker Class Capital Ship {Medium Armour}
Armour: 42.6
Hull Damage: 100.0%
FEL Olive Green (61593) - Ship
Sabre Tooth Snarl Class Capital Ship {Heavy Armour}
Armour: 72.3
Hull Damage: 100.0%

Operations in the area continue.

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*** FET Press Release ***

Dateline 212.15.5 FET News Service, Cuzzin Luke reporting

DTR Run Away In Fortoon!

Thursday this week saw some action between the DTR and the dreaded FET warfleets. Seems a DTR warband of 9 Musket Class Cruisers was headed for the planet Dryfus, home of Granny's Country Kitchen, likely on an outpost raiding mission. However, they never made it to the desired orbit. Before they got there, the DTR fleet was confronted by a solo FET Scimitar Class Capital Ship. That warship, FET Grannys Jambalaya, tho badly outnumbered, stood its ground and defended a newly constructed platform located there.

3 of the DTR ships "bravely" unloaded 75 missiles each at the Jambalaya, barely scratching her fine paint job. Meanwhile the other 6 ships "bravely" abandoned their mates & retreated from the battle. After only one round, the DTR attacking vessals ceased fire, having apparently exhausted their short supply of missiles.

Meanwhile the Jambalaya dealt out 4 hefty rounds of photonic fire to the DTR CL 54 Tula, damaging 38% of her hulls. After which, both sides withdrew for further contemplation.

The next day, a squadron of the FET warships under the direction of the FET Kumicho arrived to "relieve" the Jambalaya and have at the DTR intruders. Sadly, the DTR fleet showed its true colors and vacated the quadrant (and the system) for safer space. However, the FET squadron and the Jambalaya did get off a few parting shots.

The Captain of the Jambalaya has been commended for his heroic actions. The captains of the FET relief squadron have also been commended for thier timely intervention. And, in retrospective, the DTR captains should also be commended for thinking of the safety of their crews by running away!

End of Transmission.

***** From The Nexus *****

Darak Omni-mind has altered fundemental laws of reality:

Darak will make fine host for the Queens brood!

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***** Message From The Editor *****

Zzkkxx wishes to thank fleshy host-thing HR Giger for images.

Fleshy host-things can visit him here:

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