Phoenix Nexus News Subspace Static - Star Date 212.23.... something wonkified.
Subspace Static - Star Date 212.23.... something wonkified.

Subspace Static - Star Date 212.23.... something wonkified.

***** Inter Galactic News *****

****** CIA Confederate Special News (CCSN) - War Edition******

Now back in the Confederacy after joining a long diplomatic tour of DEN space and getting the Confederate Authorities to reconnect the electricity & other services, here are the latest reports:

Empire Strikes Again

A massive ground battle is currently raging in the Faery system, over a DTR starbase. The Imperial Service ground party, numbering above 150,000 troops & materiel, engaged the starbase who put up stiff resistance.

With the fighting ongoing we shall have to visit this story later...

The War Spreads

Fighting has broken out across Empire and Republican space with skirmishes breaking out in the Arachnid, Badlands, Faery & T.Tauri systems.

A mixture of damaged and destroyed ships from either side has been reported into the newsroom from various sources and the news team is on standby to bring further reports when they arrive...

Update: Military sources tell us that Republican Ship Captains have thrown their cargo of life forms out of the airlocks in an apparent rouse to enable them to escape. The same sources say this tactic failed, the fate of the jettison people is unknown and our military reporters tell us this may be a new desperate and worrying “kamikaze” tactic the Republicans may be deploying.

Empire Strikes Again - Update

Some more information has arrived into the CCSN newsroom regarding this story,

It seems the Empire’s assault of this Republican starbase in the Faery system is continuing and the base is currently 50% controlled by the Empire with the fighting now bogged down in vicious complex to complex fighting. Casualties are mounting up from both sides which means this could be one of the largest ground battle in recent history.

Further reports as they come in .......

Empire Strikes Again - Latest Update

Last minute update to the ongoing conflict between Empire and Republican Ground forces.

Reports have reached us that the control of the Republican starbase has fallen to Empire forces. We don’t have any details other than the starbase has fallen.

Once more, we hope we can bring updates to these and other stories in the coming days,

This is Ainsley Moore, reporting for the CCSN, back to the studio...............

****** End of Transmission ******

*** Imperial News Transmission ***

From the office of the patrol commissioner………………

DTR Forces hit Rhea in Titan

A large group of DTR warships entered orbit of Rhea in Titan and engaged the HLQ platform sited there. During the exchange the platform took light to moderate damage.
2 DTR warships were destroyed, with a further 3 200HH warships taking heavy damage.

Major DTR Forces in Titan

Following from their attacks on the HLQ platform, and during the leave orbit phase, the DTR armada arrived in the quad, the IMP and Allied command had luckily decided it was an ideal opportunity for a trap, however a small grouping of GTT cruisers failed to be notified of this along with 1 lone IMP warship. When lined up against 993 DTR warships the battle was somewhat 1 sided. All GTT warships around 20 in total were wiped out.

DTR platform attacked in Straddle

A DTR platform located in Straddle was engaged for 2 consecutive days by GTT warships and HLQ warships. The platform took damage but is understood to still be effective. Allied forces successfully withdrew.

IMP and Allied forces launch major ground offensive

These are early reports, and are not in any way concluded, but following from the DTR showing their huge fleet in Titan, Commanders decided the go was to be given for the much awaited 2nd front. A Large ground offensive has started in the Faery system, consisting of hundreds of thousands on troops being deployed.

It is understood the target, which is of considerable size is currently 50% held by Imperial forces, after the DTR managed to drop more tanks and veteran troops into the battle on day 2.

As of press the battle is ongoing and fierce……………..

Allied forces strike in Faery

Allied warhips, consisting of IMP, HLQ and CNF, hit shipping in the Faery system, on day one 3 freighters were destroyed and many held up managing to flee battle. On day two, 15 more freighters were destroyed, some troop transports with vital ground equipment for the DTR defenders. It is not known what the next 24-48 hours will bring.

PIR ship captured in Straddle

During patrols to monitor DTR traffic a small 9 hulled Pirate vessel, a gun boat was spotted, an Imperial boarder was sent and the vessel was captured. It has been hastily commissioned into IMP service against the DTR threats.

Transmission Ends…………………

*** Detinus Republic In Crisis ***

The DTR appears to be on the brink of defeat this week, following the shock announcement of the retirement of almost the entire central DTR command staff, along with almost every senior minister.

With a war still waging against half the Peripheries, it seems as if the Empire forces are on the verge of winning a stunning victory, knocking the DTR out in just a few short months.

*** Communications Leaked ***

Gleeful Imperial news agencies are trumpeting a major coup this week following the release of confidential communications between the DTR and DEN, with the Dewiek having managed to really stick it to the DTR, it seems likely that the already frosty relations between DTR and DEN are likely to get even colder.

*** Shipping ***

IMP authorities are trying to sub-contract hauliers, likely due to their needs to meet large shipping requests in and through DTR space to the ongoing battlefield in the Faery system.

*** DTR Travel Advisory ***

All sentients are advised that due to Empire attacks, the Faery and Badlands systems are now under DTR martial law.

All non DTR positions should apply for transit permissions along defined safe corridors. All other positions are liable to come under attack.

***** Battle Of Fellowship *****

Evac Station One, deep into enemy lines

As the battle raged High Lord returned to the evac centre with the remaining assault groups and his brothers from the 12th Marine Corp the mood was high with the marines however something was not right and Filtiarn was not in great spirits.

Captain, ensure the marines are looked after. Uplink comms with High Command, yes my Lord are you well? I’m living captain you have your orders, my Lord.

Comm link secure my Lord, comms and video links are ready in your private quarters..

Brother speak with me what is the current status?

You have done well brother, it appears that the orbit is reduced to debris over 4000 platform hull destroyed we are still collecting data on this and some 37 Felini ship destroyed well over 3200 hulls my Lord, also received reports that some 800 hulls of enemy ships have been boarded and taken.

What of the fleet brother, light damage 13 ships failed to make it back evac has collected the crew.

May we ask what happened in Heliopolis brother?

Felini reinforced the outpost daily, why Heliopolis it was another flea pit on the world marked for burning. Fear not brother that flea pit has been reduced to rubble, it appears Felini scouts picked up the banners of the 12th assaulting the base and hoped for a high profile kill. My Lord are you hurt? Deeply brother, deeply, I had hoped that flea carrier Rasshan would face me he failed to show again.

What was the full status report from the ground, comms from the assault groups appear to have taken all primary targets? Confirmed my Lord a total of 14 Starbases targeted have been assaulted and raided little is left for the kitties to play with now. Evac status? Under hourly review my Lord, some items of interest have been recovered.

What about my marine’s brother, under hourly review my Lord. Hourly review? See to it that I don’t review your status on the Council brother pull my marines off world I have my sights on a fresh Battlefield lets see if that Lion has his balls left or if he was doctored like his master was by the rednecks blades...

Brother before you leave, how is Mother? Happy my Lord, she watches fondle the video links of your assaults but has questioned your choice to assault a Platform loaded with jammers..because I could brother, because I could! Leave me I have plans to consider...

As the darkness fell, the High Lords mind drifted....Home, Janth, Dragon, Mother, Death! A voice spoke to him. My cub know that I have always loved you and your sister, Mother you should be at the stone circle, your heart is free yet weak. Change is coming my cub I know you have felt him do not fear his command and will. As the ice melts he grows in strength his fleet is far greater than my own do not fear the death that comes embrace his rage and join me for I foresee many great moons we shall spend together howling to the cubs we raised, the training you have done with the marines will be his prize your fur his coat, I shall leave your body to him your soul is mine come to me now...your time in the stars is no more howl with me as the moon lifts. Come my son...

Commander. Hail the fleet I need a transport ship, yes my Lord.